Adam Duce

Thanks to this Bass thumping demon, adam Duce co-founded the powerhouse 'Machine Head' along side vocalist Robb Flynn.

Born in 1972, Adam first picked up the bass guitar at the age of 14, luckily enough, Flynn and Duce lived in the same building and used to hang out with each other before starting the band. Their first live show was at a mates house, and after completely tearing the place up, wrote one of the oldest main Machine Headsongs 'Death Church' which can be found on the debut album Burn My Eyes. Adam Duce continues to play bass for Machine Head and also provides backing vocals only adding to the Raw power he brings to the instrument, he also played Curse of the Pharaohs, Fear factory's 'Replica' and Sepultura's 'Refuse/Resist' on the Roadrunner united show in 05', none more metal.

"All throughout Europe and France we get a huge response, a huge turnout to the shows and a frickin' killer response from the crowd ya' know!"

Adam Duce - Machine Head

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