Adam Dutkiewicz

Adam Jonathan Dutkiewicz was born in 1977 and studied bass and production at the Berklee college of Music, whilst also starting off as the drummer for the American metal band Killswitch Engage.

Early influences included the NWOBHM such as Motorhead, Black Sabbath, U.F.O over to Megadeth, Metallica, Slayer and Journey among others. After the first KE album, Dutkiewicz switched to guitar and became the main driving force, writting and producing the songs and albums, asked how the transition from drums to guitar was, he replied "Wonderful! Because, can lick your guitar but you can't lick your drums.....". KE have 4 albums under their belt and have played to sold out shows and festivals around the world, with Killswitch Engage as the force behind the new wave of american metal, expect more brutal and melodic riffage mayhem from Dutkiewicz.

"Don't take no for an answer and do what you wanna do. Do what drives you and motivates you. It's all a creative thing so always keep the creative aspect the most important thing about what you do."

Adam Dutkiewicz

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