Adam Jones

Rated #9 in the top 100 metal guitarists by Guitar Magazine, Adam Jones started off playing violin as a youngster and switched to bass while performing in an orchestra for a few years.

Born in 1965, Jones loved music and visual arts at an early age, playing with Tom Morello in a not so popular band called Electric Sheep, Jones never really took to any lessons and prefered to play by ear. Working in the film industry with Rick Lazzarini's Character Shop and designing for Predator 2, he also worked on make-up for Jurassic Park, Terminator 2 and A Nightmare on Elmstreet to name but a few. On the music side, Jones combines many different arts and techniques used by virtuosos such as scratching, chiming arpeggios and 'math' style rythm. Armed with an aray of pedals shown below, Jones has created many loved and interesting sounds from the guitar as heard in his main band Tool. An interesting and very original musician, Jones manages to create an ambience sought after by many fans.

"Sometimes i'll play an underlying bass part to give a song more low end and emotional boost"

Adam Jones

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