Alex Webster

Alex Webster, a classic example of what pure metal looks like with skin.

Born in 1969 to a Protestant mother and father, Webster started learning guitar at the age of 6 but didnt particularly take to learning "mary had a little lamb". Instead he wanted to learn the classics such as Elvis and other artists around during the 50's, at the age of 3, Webster tried to make a drumkit out of butter containers and used Tonker toys for sticks, safe to say he was musically orintated from the get go. The bass driving force behind the brutal metal band Cannibal Corpse and one of the original members alongside friend and drummer Paul Mazurkiewicz, Webster has released many albums over the past 17 years. Playing through mainly a clean amp and using a pick, the precision and intricasy of this bassist will leave you spinning in your seat, Webster has also played bass for the metal band Hate Eternal on their third album Fury and Flames, with a handfull of odd jobs and practicing 8 hours a day, Webster proves you can rip through your instrument with ease with the right dedication.

"I got suspended for wearing a Megadeth "Rattle your god damn head" shirt back when I was in high school"

Alex Webster

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