Born Brian Patrick Carroll, Buckethead is most probably one of the strangest characters in metal.

Picking up the guitar at age 13, he studied for a while under Paul Gilbert, only to be voted amongst the top "20 greatest shredders of all time" by GuitarOne magazine. Bucketheads influences were Randy Rhoads, Hendrix and Angus Young to name a few, and the thought behind the mask and bucket persona came through after watching 'Halloween' whilst eating a takeaway chicken meal in 89'. He has since appeared on over 40 albums as a solo musician for many artists and bands such as Les Claypool, Serj Tankian, Mike Patton, Bootsy Collins, the list goes on. After being snapped up by Jas Obrecht in 91' through a demo tape left on the producers desk, Buckethead continued to record and film "Buckethead in the basement" and "Giant Robot". Soon releasing an album under the name Death Cube K (anagram), William Gibson (Sci Fi writter) 'borrowed' this and used it in his novel Idoru. Contributing to the soundtrack on Mortal Kombat: annihilation, Berverly Hills Ninja and Johnny Mnemonic among others, Bucketheds recent venture was also colaborating with Axl Rose on the Guns N' Roses album Chinese Democracy, although deciding to leave in 2004 due to 'musical differences', With a 9 disc box set of new material released in 2007, theres seems to be a somewhat sense of only scratching the surface with this musician, and much more new material to come in the future.

"I play all this weird
stuff, but if I just look like me, it isn't going to work. But, if I'm like this weird

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